Gutter cleaning can be a dirty and dangerous job. It often requires using high ladders and walking on slick roofing to access problem spots. You may know from experience that it isn't always easy unclogging a gutter. After all of the time and effort you spent trying to free up the gutter, you still have water cascading over the edges. Don't spend your weekend stressing over your gutters, call WOW at (406) 599-7377 to schedule an appointment today!


(minimum $150)

  • SMALL or SIMPLE                                  $1.25 / Ft
  • AVERAGE JOB                                         $2/ft
  • LARGE, DIFFICULT, or RISKY                 $3/ft

Why Should I Clean My Gutters?

Many people are not aware of the issues that arise from a clogged gutter. If water is not properly directed away from the house, it can cause major damage from the roof down to the foundation.


Untamed gutters can cause water to flood over, spilling down the side of the house or pooling up against the roof. Over time, this excessive moisture combined with fungi spores from decaying debris can cause the wood in your roof, fascia, and siding to rot. The added weight of water and debris in the gutter can cause the gutter to rip apart from the fascia.


Standing pools of water created by a clogged gutter can attract any number of insects including ants, hornets and wasps, mosquitos, and termites. The standing water, paired with decaying debris, creates an ideal environment for these insects to live and lay eggs. Termites are especially detrimental because they can cause structural damage to your home.

Foundation Cracking

Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow, sliding down the side of your house and dripping off the gutters down into your home’s foundation. When the water freezes, it expands and forms cracks in your foundation. In Bozeman, clogged gutters need to be closely monitored and cleared at the beginning and end of winter when freeze/thaw cycles are most common. Warmer temperatures during the day can melt ice on your gutters down into the foundation, which then freezes at night and expands cracks into problems.

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