Our Program

Custom Design

We custom design from simple to extravagant holiday lighting depending on your needs and budget. A pro installer will consider your home, landscaping, architecture, existing electrical infrastructure when designing your Christmas lights.

Commercial Grade Quality

Our Christmas lights are very durable and shine brighter.  The quality of lighting and holiday decorations we offer is hands-down better than what you will find at a retail store. Cords are hidden from view, and connections are properly fit and watertight.

Warranty & Included Maintenance

Our service & holiday lights are warrantied for the entire season and free service calls are available within 24 to 48 hours. Lights and decorations purchased from us have a three-year warranty.

Take-Down & Storage

Holiday lighting is removed with the same care in which they were installed during the Christmas light installation. Removal is often completed in January/February (weather permitting). After take-down, we safely package it. Before each year’s installation, we test ALL lights before install to confirm everything is working up to its optimum performance.

Energy Efficient

Modern LED holiday lighting is used which uses minimal electricity during use. Included automatic timers turn the lights on/off reducing consumption further.

No Contracts

No long-term contracts (we are confident in our work and we know we will see you again)


  • Typical Residential Homes      $600-$900
  • Larger Home Range                  $1200-$1800
  • Elaborate Lighting                     $contact for onsite visit    
WOW Window Cleaning
WOW Window Cleaning


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